Introducing the Kikusumi Kitchen Knife Set

Combining the wisdom of traditional craft design with today’s technology is what gives the new Kikusumi kitchen knife set its performance flexibility along with superior craftmanship.  Kikusumi design can be characterised by its focus on function first with the final form an expression that includes just the essentials.  We know cook’s want a combination of precision, comfort and dexterity when preparing a meal.  Kikusumi delivers that plus beautiful aethetics in a 3-knife set carefully chosen to give the cook the necessary tools to create the meal they want.


When selecting the knives for the Kiksumi 3 kitchen knife set we looked to the wisdom of both Japanese and Western chefs.  We wanted to offer a set that would be complete in itself for all levels of cooks.  We noted the differences between professional kitchen requirements and the needs of a home cook.  Our first selection was a 7″ (17.5 cm) Chef knife for its ability to handle a variety of large cutting jobs.  Second, we chose a 3″ (7.5 cm) Paring knife for its amazing dexterity when working in small and tight areas.  The final choice was a 5″ (4.8 cm) Santoku knife, an all-purpose knife with a deeper blade for slicing, dicing and mincing round or cylindrical fruits and vegetables.

Once we had the right mix of knives we went to work on packaging it in a way that would tell the compelling story of the Kikusumi brand.  The result is 3-knife set gift box whose story unfolds as it is opened – the memorable unwrapping experience is sure to enhance those important moments in life we choose to celebrate.  We took extra time to design the hidden details with the hope that it will inspire your cooking creativity to ever greater heights.


The dense and smooth surface of the blade allows for precise cuts, the extreme hardness of the material ensures above-average edge retention, plus they are amazingly light, extremely flexible and corrosion-free.  They are the ideal tools for preparing food.

The minimalist design means the Kikusumi knives will look at home in both traditional and modern kitchens.  The understated elegance of the sumi black blades and subtle, glowing kikusumi logo make them the knife set to show when hosting guests for a dinner party or other special occasion.  The ergonomic feel and balance will have you reaching for your Kikusumi knife each time you cook.

This 3-piece chef set includes the most important knives for anyone needing to prepare delicious and healthy meals – whether it be for celebrations or every day. The uniquely minimalist design will add elegance and beauty to your kitchen while performing at a high level as your first choice kitchen knives.

Kikusumi 3 Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set


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