Modern Design of Kikusumi Ceramic Knife Sets

Kikusumi ceramic knife sets are about to launch in the USA and feature a modern design that will fit beautifully in any kitchen.  Designed for the home kitchen chef they are lighter and sharper than steel knives making them ideally suited to women and men preferring a more comfortable cutting tool.  Two sets will be launched at the end of summer making them available for gifts and special occasions leading up to Black Friday and Christmas shopping seasons.

The first Kikusumi ceramic knife set contains 3 unique knives – 7″ Chef knife + 5″ Santoku knife + 3″ Paring knife + 3 protective sheaths.  Each knife works well in specific kitchen cutting jobs so that taken together they cover most types of cutting and chopping situations.  Packaged in a uniquely designed luxury gift box that tells the Kikusumi story in a series of steps.  This makes for a beautiful gift box opening experience that will impress the gift receiver.  They make a perfect first knife set for the home, cottage, camper, bbq, new urban worker, college or university student and of course mothers who cook meals at home.

The second Kikusumi ceramic knife set contains an 8″ bread knife + protective sheath.  The bread knife is at its best in slicing soft or hard crust breads and cutting thick skinned vegetable and fruit.  Packaged in a uniquely designed luxury gift box that tells the Kikusumi story in a calculated series of steps.  This makes for a memorable gift box opening experience.  It is the perfect first knife set for the home, cottage, camper, bbq, urban dweller, student and of course mothers.  Many people like to present their food on the cutting board at the table and this is what makes the Kikusumi bread knife especially unique is it looks great on the dinner table.

Kikusumi is the kitchen tool brand of Tokyo design firm Applewasabi which began as an exploration into the relationship between culture and food.  The design takes its inspiration from the ancient craft of charcoal making called kikusumi which translates to chrysanthemum charcoal.  The charcoal is made from kunugi tree branches which are cut and then fired slowly over 12 days in an oven made from mounded soil.  It is a painstaking process that results in a unique cross section patter that resembles the kiku or chrysanthemum flower.   Kikusumi was chosen to represent the precise hand craftsmanship of the brands products.  It also symbolizes the inspirational relationship the designs have with nature.

Sumi black color is representative of the firing process involved in making Kikusumi ceramic knives as well as other metal products like peelers and graters.  In terms of design it provides the backdrop that allows the sophisticated yet minimalist details to shine.  Red that glows like fire is used for the logo and is symbolic of a cook’s creativity and passion.  Its presence on each Kikusumi product is a reminder to the cook to tap into their creativity and express themselves with their cutting tools.  Kikusumi aims to be more than just a functional object or tool – it aims to inspire a passion for cooking and through its design.


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