• Born in Hong Kong
  • Graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA
  • 2015 established Chef Tiff’s Kitchen
  • Signature “fusion tea” concept   
  • 2017 launched own cooking program on HK TVB
  • 2018 created savory dishes for Taste of Hong Kong


Chef Tiffany Vicky Chan, also known by her stage name Tiff Chan, is the 24-year-old founder and executive chef of Chef Tiff’s Kitchen (CTK) from Hong Kong. She graduated with Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Bachelor Of Music degree majored in Songwriting, Tiff returned to Hong Kong in 2015 and began her music career. To keep a healthy image and good body figure for her stage performances, Tiff committed to a gruelling body building program and had to follow a strict, low-carb and low sugar diet. As a self-professed matchaholic, she found matcha desserts for sale were usually too sweet so she found  the only way she could enjoy matcha sweets was to make them herself. Though Tiff never received any formal culinary training, she continuously created her own desserts recipes.  Since then, her creative instinct was extended from music to cooking which helped her to built her own style of dishes. Tiff shared her creation online with friends and got encouragement from them, the Instagram shop Chef Tiff’s Kitchen was established in Oct 2015 just for fun and sharing.  CTK’s unique matcha desserts soon attracted media’s attention and was invited to have magazine interviews after incepted for less than a month. The number of followers of it’s Instagram was building up at a rapid pace and as of today, it has nearly 13k followers. Established for almost 3 years, CTK has built up a reputable brand selling matcha desserts and high quality contemporary fusion tea cuisine.


What makes CTK’s dishes so special is the unique “fusion tea” concept created by Chef Tiff.  Local food culture techniques are applied to high quality produce sourced from around the world to create food that matches well with tea. In recognition of her talent, Chef Tiff has been interviewed by numerous Hong Kong and overseas magazines, webzines and social media as well as appearing on television. She was honored to be chosen as Chef for Chef Works International June 2018 edition. Since Dec 2017, Chef Tiff has launched 13 episodes of her own creative cooking program called “Chef Tiff’s Kitchen” on HK TVB online platform Big Big Channel viewed by more than 300 thousand people. CTK continues as a ‘Virtual’ shop, with recent participation in the Tong Chong Street Market of 2017-18.  CTK was the first IG shop to join 2018 Taste of Hong Kong and Art Central. Since August 2018, Chef Tiff has shifted her career focus from music to cooking and aims to continue creating original tea cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else.


I first came across KATURA knives on Kickstarter and bought a Gyuto Chef knife with walnut handle.  Using it I found the octagon handles to have a really nice grip and the gorgeous damascus blades are fabulous for precision cutting.  Stainless steel blades means maintenance is quick and easy which saves time in our busy Hong Kong kitchen.  The beautiful craftsmanship and high performance of KATURA knives make them the perfect fit for my passion to create new & original tea cuisine !

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