Kikusumi Black Ceramic Knives began as an exploration between cooking, nature and culture.  Throughout history humans have created tools to help cook the food needed to survive.  Over time tool making techniques were improved and refined.  Our goal at Kikusumi is to design knives that forge high functionality together with natural beauty.  Each black ceramic knife is the result of a meticulous design process in which ancient craftsmanship, imagination and new technology are combined to improve on what came before.  It is our hope to create products that are as pleasurable to use as they are to look at.


Ceramic blades are made out of zirconium oxide which has a hardness level second only to diamonds.  The process begins with the extraction of natural zirconium mineral from the earth which is then milled into a fine sand-like consistency.  For our Kikusumi Black Ceramic knives we chose zirconium #4 which is the highest grade becuse its particles are 30% finer than any other grade of zirconium.  The choice of a premium zirconium material results in a stronger and more durable knife blade without visible flaws, chromatic aberration or micro cracks.  Not all ceramic blades are of equal quality and we have positioned Kikusumi ceramic blades at the top.  Kikusumi black ceramic blades have a density that is higher than 6.02 g/cm³ with 30% lower porosity than other ceramic blades.  They undergo exceptional pressure which is then followed by isostatic sintering which renders the blades their signature matte black color.  Only the very best quality materials become part of our blades.

 Knife Design

Our knife brings a new level of craftsmanship and artisanal luxury to ceramic knife design.  The colors reflect the natural materials and prolonged firing process each knife goes through.  The red kikusumi logo is ever present to inspire the cook to explore their creativity.  With its sleek lines and subtle matte black hues we took extra time and care to ensure that your knife can be proudly displayed in in your personal kitchen.  The Kikusumi knife is available in a limited quantity.  Contemporary, elegant and gorgeous it makes a beautiful addition the home kitchen.


Knife design always begins with the blade.  It all starts with the selection of top grade zirconia sourced from Australia.  A 45-day process is used to craft all Kikusumi ceramic knives   After their shape is formed Kikusumi blades are put through a cold isostatic press before being fired in a bell kiln above 1500°C (2700°F) for at least 4 days.  Throughout the firing an intelligent temperature control system keeps the temperature stable at +-1°C which results in a tighter weave between ceramic molecules which in turn makes the blade more durable.  Kikusumi ceramic knives go through a second sintering process at a slightly lower temperature during which the iconic Kikusumi flower logo is emblazoned onto the blade.  Once cooled the a high-tech laser beam engraves the full Kikusumi logo into the opposite side of the blade thus ensuring customers know they are receiving a premium product with refined details.


The Kikusumi ergonomic knife handle takes its cues from the great artisan knives of Japanese history.  The shape of the handle is unquestionably one of the most important elements of knife design.  A handle acts as a communications bridge between what the brain wants and what the blade does.  With Japanese knives the D-shape handle is considered one of the two best  shapes.  Ideally the curves of the handle are molded to fit the natural curves of the hand.  Importantly, where the handle meets the blade should allow enough clearance space for the fingers to fit below so the knife blade can slice freely.  The materials chosen for the Kikusumi knife were durable ABS core with a thin TPR outer layer added to give the grip a softer, more comfortable feel.  Handles and blades are joined by single injection molding which is the most sanitary method that also ensures the blade and handle have a consistently ideal balance.


In designing the Kikusumi ceramic knives we tried to balance beautiful aesthetics with utilitarian functionality.  We wanted to create a knife that you will want to pick up and use right away and yet will be durable enough to withstand everyday use in the Home Kitchen.  We are proud to introduce a knife born of history and tradition and yet completely contemporary in its materials, form and look.


Kikusumi ceramic knives technology is based around a ceramic material that is both lighter and harder than the steel commonly found in kitchen knives.  The ceramic used for Kikusumi knives is a rare mineral called zircon that is mined and milled into a powder in Australia.  The process of making a Kikusumi Ceramic Knife begins with the selection of sub-nanometer zirconium oxide powder #4 which is 30% finer than the #2 powder found in most ceramic knives – it is also more expensive.  Zirconium is an advanced, high-tech ceramic material that is second only to diamond in hardness.  After Kikusumi blades have been pressed and fired, the ceramic blade becomes 50% harder than steel.  The primary benefit of this hardness is that the blade holds its edge sharpness 10 times longer than steel.   As a result they need to be sharpened less frequently.


The first step in making Kikusumi knives is to first put the Zirconia powder into a mould.   Next, about 200 tons of pressure is applied to the moulded powder with hi-tech forging machines.  Kikusumi uses no adhesives during this lengthy process and this results in 30% lower blade porosity.  Once complete, the basic shape of the ceramic blade has been formed.


During the second-stage process the pressed blades are inserted into a tied PVC vacuum bag and then placed into a closed container.  An oil and water mixture is added and then over 200 mpa of pressure is applied for a lengthy period of time.  The process is called Cold Isostatic Pressing and makes the blades both denser and more durable.  After this process the blade size is 10% smaller and very dense.


For the third stage, one of the most high-tech sintering machine with Intelligent temperature control system which can keep the temperature controlled at +-1°C. It can make the blades been more heat evenly, Blades made this way have higher density, lower porosity and lower deformation.


Kikusumi knife handles are attached to each ceramic blade by using and advanced injection molding process which is both stronger and more sanitary than using the glue and thermal bonding that cheaper manufacturers use.  The result is a knife with a stronger structure and superior hygienic properties.


The process of grinding and polishing the surface of the ceramic blade is composed of three steps.  Blades are first flat grinded on both sides of the blade with a diamond wheel.  Two kinds of flat grinding: coarse grinding, accurate grinding. The former is speedy and high efficiency. The latter, after the coarse grinding is finished, can gloss surface of ceramic blade. B.Around Grinding: Grinding the edges of the blades. C.Open Edge: Produce the edge preliminarily


Depending on the knife model, the blade edge is sharpened to a 11°-13° angle and the tip edge within a range of 35°-42°.


Every KIikusumi ceramic knife blade is polished by hand to achieve maximum sharpness.  There are three steps to the polishing process:
  1.  Coarse Flat Grinding consists of polishing both sides of each ceramic blade with a diamond-dust This is a relatively fast and time-efficient process.
  2.  Precision Flat Grinding the edges of the blades comes after the coarse grinding is finished.  This is a slow and time-consuming process that results in a high-gloss surface on each ceramic blade.
  3.  Open Edge Polishing  produces the final refinement to the blade’s edge that is complete when the ideal sharpness is achieved.


At the final stage every knife is sanitized with vegetable detergent and a final inspection of the entire knife is conducted to ensure Kikusumi Knife standards of quality are met.


Great thought and meticulous planning lies behind our gift boxes. As each gift box that is opened we wanted to make that singular moment of discovery as exciting as possible.  The unique story of Kikusumi knives is revealed in several stages throughout the process that is intended to add emotion and convey the passion we put into our products.  A black and white graphic representing actual Kikusumi charcoal provides the backdrop to the gift box top.  Above it in shimmering “sumi” black is an outline of our ceramic knives along with a glowing red “kiku” flower.





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