We are collaborating with a few of the very best knife craftsmen on the planet in order to bring our customers the very best knives.  Kikusmi’s special line of knives are forged by dentoukougeishi craftsmen in Japan.  Dentoukougeishi are highly skilled master artisans recognized by the Japanese government for their commitment to protecting traditional arts and techniques.

Each knife in the collection is limited in production due to the high skill level required to forge by hand.  Unlike the uniformity of mass knife manufacturing, in this exclusive collection each style is an expression of the the methods specific to their particular region. In the case of the , the defining style of their craftsman.  Each knife represents a collaboration between the Kikusumi design team and master craftsmen from one of the 3 traditional knife manufacturing areas in Japan – Sakai, Gifu and Sanjo.  Packaging for each series is unique in both design and material and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.   These are knives for those who want the very best and represent the pinnacle of contemporary knife craftsmanship.


Inspired by old European foragers this line of exclusive hand forged knives with handles carved from hardwood and turned into a shape designed that fits the human hand.  This knife is available in both a Western style grip as well as a Japanese oval shape.  Blades are forged from high grade Aogami Steel sandwiched between 2 layers of stainless steel.


Based on classic Japanese knife styles but with a contemporary aesthetic fitted with blades featuring wave after wave of Damascus steel layers.


The name derives from its eight-sided oval-shaped handle carved from gorgeous magnolia wood and finished with a polished ebony bolster that unites the blade and handle.  The knife blades are forged from a hight grade Aogami steel and given a hand hammered finish – called tsuchime in Japanese.  The “hammer eye” dimples reduce the chance of cut food sticking to the blade as one slices while offering a standout visual appeal that differs ever so slightly from knife to knife.  The balance of the knife is weighted forward in order to make slicing easier and more enjoyable.  The combination of a traditional aesthetic, modern polish and a high level of functionality makes the Octa a superb knife to own.  Recommended for those who want the look and feel of traditional Japanese knives but with a subtly more contemporary look and greater ease of use.


Rareté knives are made by independent craftsman who have been historically producing and crafting knives with passion and care. Step inside the workshop and one can see they are still operating by the original artisanal methods begun centuries ago. Rising each day at dawn to meld strong, hard steel into a special tool that fits and enhances the human hand.  This category is reserved for Kikusumi’s most exceptional knives, distinguished and unique given their material or the particular manner in which they are crafted.  Kikusumi was founded on the principles of the artisan and created the Rareté Series to pay a tribute to these lesser known craftsman by creating this very special range of knives.

Their individuality is enhanced by the attention and care that Kikusumi applies to the delivery of each one.  Kikusumi collaborates with just a few of the very best blade forgers and handle craftsmen on the planet, many of them recognized by their peers as masters in their field and yet anonymous to the general public.  The workshops in which these knives were created are usually located in some of the oldest metal manufacturing regions in Japan.  These take time to create and are therefore highly limited, obtainable only through a custom preorder, after which it takes around 3 months to complete and deliver.  With only a few produced each month the Rareté knife for the discerning client who may be a passionate cook, a professional chef or perhaps a collector of finely crafted tools.  Their individuality is enhanced by the attention and care that Kikusumi applies to the delivery of each one.  Each knife is packaged in a uniquely fitted box with exceptional attention to details including a signed certificate of authenticity.   The Rareté Series knives are the pinnacle of contemporary knife design and craftsmanship.  Available for those who want the very best knives.

Gyutou (Chef Knife)  The gyutou is a versatile chef’s knife.

Santoku (Multi-Purpose Knife) 

The santoku, meaning ‘three virtues’, is a multi-purpose knife that takes its name from its ability to easily handle meat, fish and vegetables

Nakiri (Vegetable Knife) 

The nakiri is a vegetable chopping knife with an easy to sharpen 50:50 symmetrical blade. The boxy shape comes from the traditional Japanese usuba knife.

Petty Knife 

The petty is a convenient size for delicate work, cutting or peeling small vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Sujihiki (Slicer Knife) 

The sujihiki is intended for slicing boneless protein. The short height of the blade creates less friction when slicing and the blade draws through fish and meat effortlessly. The sujihiki is often seen as the Western style equivalent of the traditional yanagi knife.