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Proper knife care is the most important way to protect your investment. While Kikusumi KATURA knives require less care than most there are important steps you can take
to ensure your knives stay sharp and last longer.

1. Hand wash after each use in warm, soapy water and dry before storing the knife safety in its cover, on a magnetic knife holder or in a knife block.
2. After removing the knife from its packaging handle carefully.
3. Always store knives away from the reach of children
• cutting hard foods such as seeds, bones, roots, blocks if hard cheese or chocolate and frozen foods which may chip the blade
• carving meat or poultry with bones
• twisting, prying or flexing the ceramic knife blade
• dropping on hard surfaces like stone, steel or wood
• cutting on ceramic, glass or stone
• scraping the knife blade edge along hard surfaces which dulls the blade
• turning the blade on its side to crush garlic or anything else
• using force against the side of the blade

Use either a wood or plastic cutting board to protect your knife blades from damage.
Never cut on stone, glass, steel or other hard surfaces. Hinoki or cypress are the best wood cutting boards because they are softer and have anit-bacterial properties. Bamboo
is very hard on blades due to the use of glues and adhesives to bond the wood so avoid if possible

KATURA knives start sharp and stay sharper than other knives due to the hardness of the AUS10 steel. It is normal for any knife blade to wear over time. When it comes time to sharpen your KATURA knives we recommend using a whetstone. These are available as manual hand sharpeners or as blocks of whetstone on the Kikusumi Web Shop. Then advantage of whetsones are they are gentler on the blade, avoid scratches and result in a sharper edge. Whetstones are available in # series with higher numbers corresponding with finer sharpening. #600 and #1000 are sufficient for most sharpening needs. #3000 and above are ideal for professionals wanting the finest degrees of sharpness.”

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