We are collaborating with a few of the very best knife craftsmen on the planet in order to bring our customers the very best knives.  Kikusmi’s special line of knives are forged by dentoukougeishi craftsmen in Japan.  Dentoukougeishi are highly skilled master artisans recognized by the Japanese government for their commitment to protecting traditional arts and techniques.

Each knife in the collection is limited in production due to the high skill level required to forge by hand.  Unlike the uniformity of mass knife manufacturing, in this exclusive collection each style is an expression of the the methods specific to their particular region.  Each knife represents a collaboration between the Kikusumi design team and master craftsmen from one of the traditional knife manufacturing areas in Japan – Sakai, Seki, Echizen and Sanjo.  Packaging for each series is unique in both design and material and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.  These are knives for those who want the very best and represent the pinnacle of contemporary knife craftsmanship.

Master Craftsmen Series

The OCTO series of knives is a contemporary collection of knives that represent the unique traditions of Japanese metal forging regions.  A new era of collaboration between craftsmen, new technologies and creative designers has begun that will push the boundaries of what it possible with craft design.  At KIKUSUMI  we are fully committed to discovering those possibilities.  Each knife style in our OCTO series shares the same octagonal handle shape.  The choice of this handle was made for its ergonomic advantages.  When one curls the fingers to grip the handle the octagon shape fits seamlessly which allows the hand execute controlled slicing with balance, comfort and precision.



Silver Ghost is an extraordinarily beautiful knife with a high polish blade and named for the ghost-like hamono line that runs the length of each blade.   Fitted with a deep ebony wood handle crafted by hand.  Like the Ghost model it is fitted with a buffalo horn collar.   A polished ring forged from silver sits between the handle and collar, lending a distinct air of elegance and refinement to this knife.  The complex array of subtle details seamlessly fit together by our master craftsmen.    The Silver Ghost represents the height of knife design and craftsmanship.




SAZANAMI means ripples on water and takes its name from the ripple-like Damascus pattern that adorns on each blade in this series.  Sazanami knives are finished with a high-polish mirror surface that highlights its pure form and laser-like edges.  The Sazanami knife is thin and light, with a superior cutting edge due to its laser-thin design that effortlessly cuts through foods with very little resistance.  Finished with a brilliant mirror polish that is not only visually beautiful, it also makes the blade easier to clean and maintain. SAZANAMI is a knife that is as much a joy to use as it is to look at and will sure to be a talking point with guests in a contemporary home or at the counter of an open-kitchen restaurant.


Sanjo Japan KURIKI Knife by Kikusumi



Inspired by the history of Tsubame-Sanjo, this line of exclusive hand forged knives with handles carved from hardwood and turned into a shape designed that fits the human hand.  This knife blade is made of a high grade of Japanese Super Steel that is sandwiched between 2 layers of stainless steel in the “san-mai” style of forging.  The cutting blade is maintains its sharpness for a long time and the outer layer of stainless steel protects it from rust.  The octagon shaped handles are handcrafted from chestnut tree wood – called “kuri’ in Japan.  2 color styles for the handles were created to reflect the personality of the chestnut tree and honor the tradition of the Tsubame-Sanjo region with a contemporary look.





atura represents the cutting edge of knife making with a highly skilled hammer finish on the upper blade combined with beautiful layers of damascus steel floating towards the bottom edge of each blade.  This series combines a generous blade width together with an efficient profile that allows for both standard and pinch-grip methods of cutting.  Forged from stainless VG10 steel in the traditional way to an ideal hardness of HRC 60+ which makes it the ideal knife design for moderate to heavy workloads whether in a professional workplace or at home. Stainless steel makes it easy to maintain and sharpen.