GHOST Small Fish Knife Set 4” Mini Deba + Small Fish Scaler Tool + Fish Bone Remover + Fish Gutting Kit


GHOST Small Fish Knife Set

Just after arriving in Osaka I took up a position in a Michelin 2 star kaiseki restaurant Ichijusai Ueno. Their strong reputation for exceptional quality fish courses attracts customers from all over the world. Each morning we visited 3 separate fish markets – Akashi Sea, Ise Sea and Ichiba Central market to procure live fish & shellfish. Preparing sashimi quality requires meticlulous sourcing, care and precise techniques. Kikusumi Selection set of fish tools helps you to perform each step of preparation at the highest level. Meticulously crafted by the very best Japanese artisans. Their beauty and precision will inspire you to prepare fish perfectly!

4” Mini Deba
Small Fish Scaler Tool
Kansai Style Fish Bone Remover
Sasara Bamboo Fish Gutting Kit

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