KATURA 45 Layer Damascus 2 Knife Santoku Set + Walnut Handle


KATURA 45 Layer Damascus 2 Knife Santoku Set + Walnut Handle

The KATURA 2 Knife Essential Set includes a 15cm Petty Knife and a 18 cm Santoku knife.. The KATURA Petty knife blade is ultra-thin which allows it to excel at jobs that require agility and precision such as stemming and seeding peppers, thinly slicing garlic, or cutting shallots into tiny dice.  The ergonomic handle and razor sharp blade are fitted seamlessly making the KATURA  Petty knife one you can work with comfortably all day. The KATURA Santoku is a versatile cutting tool capable of handling most basic kitchen cutting tasks.  Santoku means “three virtues” in Japanese and is capable of slicing, dicing and mincing.  FIt with a blade shape shorter in length but wider than a Western chef knife – the strength of the Santoku is its light weight and easy maneuverability.   Combined, the Santoku and Petty knives make up the classic combination for Japanese cooks.


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