KIKUSUMI Japanese Oroshi Copper Kitchen Grater / Food Grater / Wasabi / Citrus Zester / Ginger Grater with Steel Scraper Set – Mini Size


A Japanese OROSHI GRATER hand-made by an artisan in Sakai Japan.  This is the tool used both by professional sushi chefs and home cooks in Japan.  Each grater comes with a ceramic handle/stainless steel scraper for removing grated ingredients.  Top level Japanese chefs know that hand crafted oroshi graters perform better than the polished machine made copies.  The uneven rows of teeth grate ingredients in a way so juices are not separated like they are with machine made copies.  

The copper kitchen grater is 2 sided (Fine + Coarse) and can be used to zest citrus, grate ginger, daikon, radish, wasabi, carrot and many other vegetables. 

Once zested/grated use the scraper to “rake” the zest off of the grater with the stainless steel grater.  Cleanup is easy – just rinse and air dry.

For best results when zesting move the vegetable in a circular motion against the surface of the grater. Once zested/grated use the scraper to “rake” the zest off of the grater. 

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