SILVER GHOST is a Kikusumi flagship knife named for the ghost-like luminescent white line that appears on the blade as a result of the unique forging method.  It has a distinguished pedigree and timeless quality that derives from exceptional quality steel and wood shaped by a few of the best craftsmen in the world.  The contemporary silhouette of the knife is an update of a classic Japanese sword with elegant flowing lines on top contrasting with a razor sharp edge below.  The SILVER GHOST is crafted for chefs and connoisseurs of impeccably crafted steel knives.  Every element of the knife is completed by craftsperson holding the title of Master Craftsman called dentoukougei 伝統工芸 in Japan.  The SILVER GHOST is built to last, an heirloom knife to be cherished and passed on through successive generations.


Silver Ghost is unique in the Kiksumi OCTO series in that it combines the knife-making specialties of honyaki forging, sharpening and polishing with the unique attributes of the craft of woodworking.  The choice of G3 super steel makes this top tier knife more practical for the demanding chef than traditional high carbon blades due to its rust resistant properties.  G3 is one of the most difficult steels to forge however the end result is a knife with similar performance to the very best traditional blades with the benefit of easier maintenance and rust protection.

These knives represent some of the highest level of knife craftsmanship in the world.  The craftsmen involved in the production of the SILVER GHOST knife are top-tier certified dentou-kougeishi – a prestigious honor held by very few knife makers in Japan.  The overall design of the knives was designed in collaboration with these craftsman to deliver a collection of knives with incredible performance and a timeless aesthetic.  The blade geometry, grinds and detailed finish work together to optimize the performance of the knife.  Featuring a blade that is thin behind the edge and with exceptional distal taper. Wide bevels makes the blade easier to thin and sharpen.  The choice of G3 steel was also made because it is more forgiving and eay to work with than the high carbon blades of the past.  All of these factors make the SILVER GHOST an extraordinary tool capable of unleashing the chef’s ability to create extraordinary food.



G3 is a new type of super steel chosen for the Kikusumi SILVER GHOST collection of knives.  It closely matches the superior blade performance of high carbon steels like shirogami and aogami yet offers easier maintenance and rust resistance.  G3 stain resistant steel is characterized by high precision sharpness, easy maintenance and impressive resistance to rust.  This translates to more time spent enjoying cooking and less time on knife maintenance.  Whether you are a busy chef at home or working in a fast-paced professional environment this difference will be appreciated.

Each G3 steel blade is forged from a single type of steel in the honyaki style by heating, hammering, shaping, tempering and cooling by a master craftsman in Sakai, Japan.  After the blacksmith has completed his work, another master craftsman refines the blade edge by hand using a combination of wheels and stones available only in Japan. The end result after a lengthy 3 month process is a knife blade of remarkable precision and beauty.

One of the beautiful features of the SILVER GHOST is the luminescent pattern that appears on the lower portion of the blade called the kireha.  The SILVER GHOST features a “Kasumi” which is the result of a time intensive process in which artisans rub the knife blade with natural stone powder to create the unique ghost-like white line revered by knife and sword connoisseurs.  The term `kasumi’ refers to how the knife is sharpened, featuring the hazy appearance of the soft iron of the blade in contrast to the glossy carbon steel cutting edge. For kasumi knives you must combine the two materials then stretch the steel, which is extremely difficult.

Once complete the G3 blades are attached to handcrafted ebony wood handles fitted with a black buffalo horn collar.  The seamless integration of blade and handle gives the knife a true feeling of balance, precision and ergonomic comfort.  Octagonal ebony handles and water buffalo ferrules provide a comfortable non-slip grip.  The quality of the knives is matched only by the Kikusumi Platinum Warranty that guarantees our customers will be satisfied.


For this OCTO series of knives we chose handles made from ebony wood and buffalo horn are one of the best handles for knives.  Ebony is one of the hardest woods and most resistant to water among, usually found only on the rarest and most expensive knives.  There is also an option to add a 1.5 mm silver ring to the bony handles which adds even greater refinement as only a few craftsmen are capable of making these type of handles.  The SILVER GHOST ebony handle has a characteristic octagonal shape, making it easy to grasp with a slight tapering towards the blade.  The ebony-buffalo collar OCTO handle combines high functionality along with water resistance, durability and antibacterial properties.  The SILVER GHOST’s refined aesthetics are a testament to both the quality of materials and the remarkable craftsmen that shape them.



Sakai city gradually became the center of metal crafting in Japan from 1500’s as the popularity of tobacco spread and the demand for tools and knives to cut tobacco leaves grew.  Sakai city’s prestige was solidified in 1570 when the Tokugawa shogunate recognized the superiority of Sakai tools, certifying the blacksmiths in Sakai city as the exclusive tobacco knife makers in Japan.  Over time these craftsmen began to apply their skills to cooking knives that featured the same blade sharpness and balance of the tobacco knives. Sakai blacksmiths have passed on their refined forging techniques from generation to generation.  In 1982 Sakai’s Cutlery was recognized by the Minister of International Trade and Industry who appointed Sakai’s tools the prestigious title of “Traditional Craft Product”.

Today Sakai knives are known for their excellent smithing technology of which the SILVER GHOST one of the finest examples.  The craftsman who make the SILVER GHOST knives understand the role of the knife as a tool to help cooks express the character of ingredients in the dish they are creating.  Each knife requires at least four skilled craftsmen to create it over the course of 3 months.  The knife making process is divided into four distinct stages: forging, blade making, handle crafting and assembling. A master craftsman forges the blade over the course of multiple stages before it is passed on to the next craftsman. The number of steps varies from knife to knife according to the shape of the blade, the type of materials used and the finishing procedures required.  The SILVER GHOST takes about fifty different steps to complete.



Handle Material: Natural Ebony Wood + Buffalo Tusk Collar Ring [optional 1.5 mm Pure Silver Ring]

Steel Type:  G3 stainless super steel

Hardness (Rockwell scale) 60-61



330mm  柳切付 Kiritsuke Single Edge

300mm  柳切付 Kiritsuke Single Edge

270mm  柳切付 Kiritsuke Single Edge

230mm  和牛刀 Gyuto 50/50 bevel

200mm  和牛刀 Gyuto 50/50 bevel

180mm  剣ムキ Kenmuki Single Edge

165mm 菜切 Nakiri 50/50 bevel

150mm  和ペティ Petty 50/50 bevel

120mm  和ペティ Petty 50/50 bevel



270mm  柳切付 Kiritsuke Single Edge + Silver Ring

230mm  和牛刀 Gyuto 50/50 bevel + Silver Ring