Naniwa ARATA #3000 Grit Naniwa Japanese Whetstone Set for Knives + Carrying Case Holder – Coarse + Kikusumi FIXIT Eraser + Sharpening Guide


Naniwa ARATA #3000 Grit Naniwa Japanese Whetstone Set


The ARATA #3000 is a hard finishing whetstone that offers the highest level of speed and performance.  Great as a final stone (#800/#3000 combo) or can be used as a 3rd step preceding an ultra fine finishing whetstone. It gives your knives a very clean and polished edge.  It can be used to improve the sharpness of planers, chisels, hunting knives, carving knives, scissors, hammer blades, stainless steel blades, cooking knives, and other precision blades.  If you are sharpening Japanese knives, this stone will reduce your sharpening time at each step up to finer grit stones.  For those seeking smooth pathway to a silkier edge for their knives. For professionals that want to save time sharpening and get the very best edge on the knife blade #3000 ARATA is nice addition to a core whetstone set.

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