Naniwa ARATA #800 Grit Naniwa Japanese Whetstone Set for Knives + Carrying Case Holder – Coarse + Kikusumi FIXIT Eraser + Sharpening Guide (Copy)


Naniwa ARATA #800 Grit Naniwa Japanese Whetstone Set

#800 USES

The ARATA #800 is a hard medium whetstone that offers the highest level of performance.  Ideal for daily/weekly sharpening or as a 2nd stage following a coarse grit whetstone like a #400.  If the edge is not dull, does not need a new bevel set and has no chips then you really don’t need to start any coarser than this.   #800 is a very popular grit because of its speed to refine the edge of a blade is quicker than a #1000 grit.  Ideal for professionals that want to save time sharpening and get the very best edge on the knife blade will choose this whetstone.  

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