BLACK GHOST 12 cm Petty Knife – Kurouchi G3 Steel


BLACK GHOST 12 cm Petty Knife – Kurouchi G3 Steel  和ペティ


BLACK GHOST is a newly developed knife combining the rustic traditions of Sakai knife forging with a cutting-edge high carbon steel.  Traditional kurouchi knives are made out of highly reactive carbon steel but BLACK GHOST improves on this as the Kurouchi finish is applied to a semi-stainless steel.   Developed by HITACHI this new development in modern metallurgy bridges the gap between high-performance and high maintenance.  These are rare and difficult to forge – taking up to 8 months to complete by our 1st rank master forger.  BLACK GHOST ‘Kurouchi’ aesthetic is a result of traditional forging techniques found only in the Sakai region of Japan.  Hongasumi forging is highly detailed and equivalent to the SILVER GHOST in terms of quality.   The original handle is made of Hiba (cypress) and Ebony and carved by our artisan in to an ergonomic octagonal shape suitable for left of righ handed cooks.  High performance and ease of sharpening is the ultimate combination in a knife and the BLACK GHOST delivers both.

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