Kikusumi SILVER GHOST 7″ Kenmuki Knife – Ebony Wa Handle Japanese G3 Steel Hongasumi



*Suitable for right hand

Kenmuki knife has a uniquely shaped blade that makes it optimal for preparing vegetables, fish, meats, fruits and poultry. The blade has a consistent width from heel to tip so it can process vegetables evenly and with a variety of motions that allow the blade to do most of the work. . It also has a tip that tapers to a sharp point making it excelent for scoring the surface of duck, eggplant, cucumbers or whatever you want. The solid weight of the blade improves cutting consistency. Whether pushing the knife down and forward or using the Japanese katsura peeling motion, the SILVER GHOST Kenmuki makes it easy with its thin, sharp and solid blade. This nakiri knife is a must have in kitchens processing large amounts of vegetables and fruit for smoothies, soups and salads For preparing fruit and vegetables the SILVER GHOST Nakiri is a remarkably consistent and precise tool to own with a beautiful look and feel that inspires. Made in Sakai.

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