Kikusumi SILVER GHOST 2 Steak Knife Set – Ebony Wa Handle Japanese G3 Steel Hongasumi



These are unique steak knives that represent the pinnacle of knife craftsmanship, the SILVER GHOST Steak Knife set contains 2 knives with 12 cm blades that excel at intricate cutting tasks. Its blade length and pointed tip make it skilled at anything from sectioning citrus fruits, cleaning herbs & mushroom, pitting fruit and stemming vegetables..As a steak knife they look beautifyl on the dinner table..   Its small size octagonal shape handle fits comfortably in the hand allowing it to excel at peeling root vegetables and fruit.  The SILVER GHOST steak knife blade is thin and beautifully finished in honkasumi style..  The ergonomic handle and razor sharp blade are fitted seamlessly making the SILVER GHOST suitable as a steak knife or as a petty knife and one you can use  comfortably all day in the kitchen.  The SILVER GHOST steak knives look gorgeous and work beautifully.

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