Kikusumi Knife Website Launch 2016


Kikusumi knife began as an exploration between cooking, nature and culture. Throughout history humans have created tools to help cook the food needed to survive. Our goal at KIKUSUMI is to design products that forge high functionality together with natural beauty. Each product is the result of a meticulous design process in which imagination, ancient craftsmanship and modern technology are combined with the hope of creating products that are as enjoyable to use as they are to look at.


In 2016 we officially launch our website.  It will also feature detailed visualizations of all aspects of Kikusumi products including the design and technology that lies behind each product.  A link on the page will take you to our store where you can purchase our products.


Our first product launch will be the Kikusumi Ceramic Knife series including a 3-knife set and a separate bread knife.   We are busy working on other products as well and will keep you informed as we progress and whenever there is a new product launch.  As always the goal is to combine traditional methods with new technology to create products that are better, easier to use and more beautiful than what currently exists.


We put a lot of effort into making the packaging appropriate for gift giving. Each box is like an interactive story for the Kikusumi brand that we hope you will find exciting to unwrap.  Contained within each box is a brochure with links to each of our media products like the Kikusumi App, website, social media and Kikusumi Magazine.  Wherever you want to meet we hope to be there for you.


We believe it is important to not only make a great product but also help to educate our customers on how best to use it.  In that spirit, we have created the Kikusumi Magazine to pair with our products.  The idea is add a little inspirational juice to help you get the most out your knives and kitchen tools.  The magazine contains stories across a wide variety of food-related categories.  Fisherman, Artisans, Farmers and Chefs share their personal stories along with the wisdom they have gathered along the way.  Food and travel stories will take you to places you will want to go.  Recipes will allow you to use your Kikusumi kitchen products to recreate flavors and aromas of exotic places.  The Magazine will be accessible through our website and also a live feed will be part of the App.  Of course you can also connect to it via our social media accounts if that’s where you are hanging out.

We hope you like what we are doing and welcome your feedback!

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