Kikusumi GHOST 4” Mini Deba Fish Knife – Magnolia Black Wa Handle – G3 Hi Carbon Hongasumi Forged [ 11 cm]



GHOST 11 cm deba knife handles small fish and shellfish that require a high degree of precision filleting and slicing. At 11 cm length, GHOST mini deba blades are nicely weighted for optimal control. The 11 cm length is the ideal deba blade length for filleting whole small fish like sardines, small bass river fish, crab, small squid, crayfish river bass, and mullets. Professional chefs will appreciate how this knife improves work efficiency and consistency. Slicing with single-edge knives like the GHOST deba results in superior textures as they do not crush cells like double edge knives will. If you want the highest class small fish boning knife in your kitchen this is it.

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