Kikusumi SILVER GHOST 27 cm Kiritsuke Yanagiba Knife Limited Edition Silver Ring – Ebony Wa Handle Japanese G3 Steel Hongasumi


KIRITSUKE YANAGIBA  Limited Edition Silver Ring  27 cm

For cooks who searching for a Japanese slicing knife that is minimalist in design and functionally extraordinary, the SILVER GHOST Yanagiba is the perfect choice.  At 27 cm length, SILVER GHOST blades are nicely weighted  for optimal control.  The 27 cm length is the shortest of the yanagiba series and is easier to handle and maneuver than the longer knives in this series.  Its shorter length is ideal for those starting to learn how to use the yanagiba slicer knife. Professional chefs will appreciate how this knife improves work efficiency and consistency. SILVER GHOST Kiritsuke yanagiba knives handle everything from small to large boneless foods. Its length allows for single stroke slicing.  Kiritsuke refers to the anglular tip style which lends itself to short, precise scoring of ingredients like eggplant, fish skin and shellfish.  If you want the ultimate slicer knife in your kitchen this is it.

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